Development services


Deciding to invest in ERP solution is a major and time consuming task for analysis, pre-planning and implementation. For many companies, an important factor is whether a system can unify the processes monitored in the organization. Our ERP system is designed to integrate all departments and processes to effectively serve the needs of all departments. Our features are:

We have rich experience and have developed solutions for centers processing a large volume of calls, dealing with data management and segmentation, and when operators perform multiple identical, routine tasks.

The exponential increase in the use of tablets and smart mobile devices in everyday life of each user software services require the integration of such devices as an integral part of our portfolio. This provides new opportunities as per the business needs of each client. We have also experience in construction and development of stand-alone applications, targeted to a wide range of users.


We build corporate web portals, product, personal or marketing-oriented websites and produce web presentation of a significant event. We follow the latest trends in web design and the best practices in SEO optimization.

Our solutions in the field of Business Intelligence enable the top management of a company to see its business in all its dimensions and help them make the right decisions at any time. Our extensive experience in building Data Warehousing enables us to build fast and integrated reporting for any kind of Business Intelligence tool.